Jiberish X ON3P

  • Client:
    Jiberish Clothing and ON3P Ski Company
  • Date:
    September 29, 2016
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Jiberish Clothing is a streetwear brand with strong roots in the ski industry, particularly in the newschool skiing movement. In 2013, Jiberish was looked to ON3P Ski Company to form a partnership to develop a limited edition ski and graphic that both customer bases would appreciate.

We worked with ON3P and Jiberish to develop a graphic that would reference the philosophies of both companies. The visual identity of both ON3P and Jiberish are heavily influenced by American heritage and sporting. We chose to develop a custom "duck" style camouflage, and included elements and colors that are derived from the state plant of Oregon, the Oregon Grape. After the skis were produced, the camoflage was also printed on fabric in a different colorway and used to produce a sweatshirt for the Jiberish Fall 2017 clothing line.