ON3P Ski Company Presents ``Midasu`` Promotional Video Series

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    Brand & Co
  • Date:
    August 28, 2016
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In 2014, John Ware, Luke Tanaka and Karl Fostvedt went to Japan to ski. The trip was plagued with problems, and ended with a corrupted hard drive. In 2015, Karl returned to Japan and came home with a backup hard drive that was forgotten there the year before. Lunar / Solar took care of the creative work of the editing, color grading, and sound design of these edits for promotional purposes for ON3P Skis.

"Episode One: Machi" chronicles the first days of the trip, skiing urban features in and around Kitahiroshima.

"Episode Two: Arashi" takes us through the middle of the trip: several days of powder skiing and sessioning the famous avalanche barriers, as well as the struggles of several broken down rental vehicles.

"Episode Three: Harai" shows the fruit of the struggle - Japan provides the snow that has made Japanese winters legendary.