ON3P Ski Graphics

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    ON3P Ski Company
  • Date:
    March 31, 2017
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A large part of the work that Lunar / Solar Creative has done over our tenure as the primary creative force of ON3P Ski Company has been specifically related to the topsheets of the skis themselves.

The target demographic of ON3P skis has always appreciated and responded favorably to a yearly renewal of the entire line. ON3P has always placed great value on going the extra mile to create provocative topsheets, where most competitors turn to color blocking and simple patterning for much of their line.

Unlike other brands, the specific models in the ON3P line are not changed every couple of years; the names are assigned to different models of ski that are meant for specific conditions, and the name will be used for as long as that product category exists (or until the name is changed in order to give a sponsored athlete a signature model). This has created a unique opportunity to play with specific visual themes for each model - some of which have been in existence since the inception of the brand.

This is only a sample of the product graphics created for ON3P since 2010.